​LeBron James isn't just ​dominating on the court right now; he's also headlining the 2018 free agent class for the NBA. 

Although there seems to be a different report surrounding the King every week, this latest update might be the final story for the season. 

While James will obviously consider returning to the Cavaliers next season, he'll also include three more teams on his list of possible destinations. The other three franchises fortunate enough to be in the conversation are the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, and Philadelphia 76ers. 

​​Maybe the possible landing spots for James aren't shocking, but it does show that he's willing to leave Cleveland again. 

Considering the locker room in Los Angeles talks about adding LeBron, there's definitely a chance he becomes the next great Laker. 

After all, they've copied Philly's recruiting campaign of putting up billboards. 

​​If James wants to leave the Cavaliers but still win right away, then putting the Rockets on his list seems like a no-brainer. Thinking about a trio of James, Harden, and CP3 should scare the heck out of the rest of the NBA. 

As for his final team on the list, the Sixers present James the chance to compete yet also lessen his workload with Ben Simmons. 

There's no telling which team LeBron will choose to sign with, but we do know that the NBA world is in for a crazy ride.