It's March, which means NCAA Men's Basketball gets taken to the next level, as tempers fly and tournament dreams are in the balance. 

After ​Arizona State and Colorado nearly came to blows last night, the Big East Tournament saw what went down in the Pac-12 and said "hold my beer."

With the Xavier Musketeers blowing Saint John's out of the water with a 88-60 victory, it appeared the only close contest came from the postgame handshakes. 

Even though it's hard to tell which team was in the wrong, both schools clearly had no issue expressing themselves after the game.  

​​We might not see what truly sparked this scuffle, but it's obvious that Saint John's Bashir Ahmed and Xavier's Tyrique Jones were at the center of it. 

Perhaps the Red Storm were frustrated that this was the third time losing to Xavier this season. 

Regardless of who's to blame, Xavier head coach Chris Mack made it known that he doesn't believe his team is at fault.

College basketball fans should​​ expect more situations like this to occur in the coming days, as conference tournament week is just heating up. 


It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!