​NBA fanbases have taken it into their own hands to do whatever it takes to woo LeBron James to their team in free agency this summer.

​Philadelphia and Los Angeles have already featured billboards attempting to encourage King James to sign with them:

To be clear, these are not products of the teams themselves, as that would be ​considered tampering. You can ask Magic Johnson about that; he's an expert.

The latest LBJ-themed billboard, while hilarious, isn't actually real. An Indiana radio station has proposed a design that we must admit to enjoying, though the man himself probably wouldn't agree:

It sure looks like Pacers fans don't care one way or another about where LeBron signs. They'll take the legendary breeze directed at him by Lance Stevenson back in the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals any day.

All told, LeBron has knocked the Pacers out of the playoffs three different times, so its not as if they have any special love for the man.

No, James isn't signing with Indy. But the hypothetical idea of he and Lance "Born Ready" Stephenson playing together would be an absolute ball, to say the least.