Everyone pretty much knows by now that the ​Los Angeles Lakers are planning to make a run at LeBron James this summer. Even fans are ​putting up billboards in LA to show their support for LeBron coming to the Lakers.

Now, it seems that the Lakers players would get in on the gossip as well.

According to Jordan Clarkson, formerly a Laker now a Cavalier, the players would talk in the locker room about the potential of LeBron coming to LA.

"I wouldn't say like management and the coaches or nobody, but in the locker room people talk when they see what's going on," Clarkson said after Wednesday's game against the Denver Nuggets. "That's probably the only thing people talk in the locker room."

It's not surprising to hear this. As a player, news travels fast in a locker room, and when you hear about the possibility of the best player in the world coming to your team, it's hard not to talk about.

We still have to get through this season, but the rumors of LeBron James will continue to heat up the closer we get to the summer.