Do the Golden State Warriors really have an argument that the NBA and its officials are out to get them?

​Bleacher Report published an article this morning stating that the Warriors, within the last two minutes of games that were within three points, had 11 calls go against them. 

This may seem like a good amount since the Warriors have been apart of just 16 such games, but wait a minute, the Warriors have only been in 16 games within three points?

Yes, the Warriors normally blow teams out and have the second best record in the league at 50-14, so I think I'm here to speak for everyone outside of Dub nation, but Golden State guess what... we don't give a damn.

We don't want to hear anything about things being unfair for you when you have four All-Stars, have won two of the last three championships and are still the overwhelming favorites to repeat.

We have no pity for you and don't give us the argument that the league doesn't like KD or Draymond either. Yes Durant has 12 technical fouls on the season while ​Draymond is tied for a league-high 14, but that's on them. 

These two tend to get a little too close to these refs faces when they're screaming at them begging for a call and I'm sure these officials think just like the rest of us, and that y'all don't need anymore help on the court from officiating with the amount of talent your team has.

With that being said, give it a rest Golden State, because if two of your biggest stars continue to accumulate technical fouls and keep rubbing the refs the wrong way, it could ​come back to bite them on the game's biggest stage

Something Draymond Green and the 2016 Warriors know all too well about.