​One can likely anticipate a lot of the questions fired at players from front office representatives during the interview phase of the NFL Scouting Combine. But former Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield got a different taste of that this past week in Indianapolis. As one notable talent evaluator asked:

"So, you like food trucks?"

New Browns general manager John Dorsey seemed to have just as much interest in the Heisman Trophy winner's off-field proclivities as he did in Mayfield's style of play.

While a humorous question that garnered several laughs around the room, Dorsey was referring to an incident that landed Mayfield in handcuffs last February on counts of public intoxication, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct that occurred amongst a group of several food trucks in Arkansas.

Mayfield, who took home the college game's most prestigious award in 2017, has faced significant scrutiny regarding his character as he approaches the next level. For his part, he insists that he is nothing like controversial former Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, himself a Heisman winner with a penchant for acting out and living it up a bit too hard.

While teams may have their reservations, insiders who met with Mayfield at the combine claimed his football IQ is "off the charts."

We've heard insiders point to Mayfield and his 175.4 percent passing efficiency rating -- the second-best mark in FBS History -- as an attractive piece in April's draft, with mock drafts having him go as high as No. 6 to the Jets. 

Time will tell as to whether his skill behind center is enough to make up for some potential red flags.