Anytime a proven player gets moved for peanuts, you know there's baggage attached. 

When Michael Bennett was shipped away from Seattle to the defending champs, it was considered a move by a team who was dismantling. A number of key Seahawks are rumored to be on their way out, and Bennett was assumed to be the first of many pieces moved as they look to change their identity. 

Apparently, Seattle just wanted to change the attitude Bennett brought to their locker room.

According to a few Seahawks coaches, the Pro Bowl defensive end became a pain to deal with this past season. 

​​Is this necessarily a surprise to anyone?

Bennett is one of the most outspoken players in football. He's an absolute force on the field, making the Pro Bowl the last three seasons, but he's definitely brought attention upon himself in the process. 

We've seen him protest the National Anthem,  get thrown out of practice, get into fights on the field, rip sports personalities, and more. If there's attention to be given out, you know Bennett's going to be the one who's going to grab it. 

It comes to a point where a team has to question whether or not it's worth it. 

​​This also could just be something that is perfectly timed from a petty team. Now that he's on the way out, why would Seattle have positive things to say about him?

No matter what, it's all behind him. All he has to worry about is ​bringing home another championship to Philly.