​A college basketball embarrassment has been halted, at least for the time being.

The Pitt Panthers, a once proud basketball program led by Jamie Dixon, has come crashing down to Earth under the leadership of some questionable individuals. 

For his part, Kevin Stallings cannot be blamed for this entire travesty. But he played a role, and his somehow perfect personification of failure has not made a modern day rebuild of a basketball program easy. 

After a winless ACC campaign, Stallings is out as head coach in Pittsburgh.

Pitt reportedly met with Stallings on Thursday morning, hoping to reach a negotiated buyout of the rest of his contract. For reasons we can't explain, that number was absurdly set at $10 million by former Athletic Director Scott Barnes, who has since bolted for Oregon State.

Current AD Heather Lyke, who still has yet to put her stamp on the university, will now get to make a hire of her choosing. Although, considering the buyout, the financial means to chase a seasoned replacement for a historically frugal school will not be plentiful.

The decision to fire a head coach just two seasons into his tenure are bound to impact the next hire, but the Panthers hope that similar to their action to hire Stallings in 2015, someone will take a chance on them.