He may not be built like a prototypical NFL quarterback, but Baker Mayfield has the passion and fire like no other player coming into the draft. We saw it during his three years at Oklahoma, whether it was planting a flag on the Ohio State logo or taunting Kansas with some NSFW material. 

Many teams have no problem with Mayfield's character, but one anonymous coach at the combine took exception. He called Mayfield "over the top cocky." 

In an appearance on NFL Network tonight, Mayfield responded to those comments the best way he could, with humility. 

​​Calm, cool and collected. That's what you want to see from the quarterback. 

The comparisons to Johnny Manziel are unfair, but Mayfield is an edgy player. He plays a position where you need that kind of mentality. The quarterback is seen as the leader of the team and Mayfield has no problem assuming that role. 

This is a player who absolutely loves the game of football. Sometimes confidence can be misinterpreted as cocky. There's no doubt Mayfield has some cockiness to him, but that shouldn't be seen as a bad thing. Teams would rather have a stud than a dud under center. 

As Mayfield said, it just takes one team out of 32 to give him a shot. Expect that one team to draft him in the first-round come April. 

It doesn't look like they'll be disappointed with the product.