Well, looks like we can kick the retirement rumors to the curb. 

Le'Veon Bell has been hoping to get a long-term contract from the Steelers for a while now. It hasn't come, and he was hit with the franchise tag for the second-straight year. 

On Wednesday night, though, Bell announced that he won't be retiring or even sitting out the 2018 season if no long-term deal is reached. It'll just be a repeat of last season. 

​​In the end, the NFL is a business, so if you view this situation through that lens, it makes a lot of sense why both sides are behaving the way that they are.

Bell, as a running back in the NFL, is a player who is subjected to a lot of punishment, which means the potential for injury is high. ​Both sides of the negotiating table understand that.

So, with the game being as violent as it is, naturally, being put on a franchise tag year by year doesn't work in Bell's favor in the long run.

It'd be in the Steelers' best interest to make their star RB happy. If not, though, they won't have him for OTAs or training camp and will have to wait to see him put on the jersey until Week 1.