​Oh Jack, you didn't. 

For years now, we've had countless contestants on Jeopardy provide ridiculous answers to sports questions. Yes, all that 1800's knowledge on modern art is one thing, but when sports categories show up, both men and women give cringeworthy responses. 

Tonight was no different. The man, myth and legend Alex Trebek asked, "Spring Training baseball in Florida is known as this league?" With a quick trigger, contestant Jack buzzed in, but had no idea what the heck he was talking about. 

​​Oh. My. Goodness. The Bush League? Bro, this was the best you could come up with? Ironically enough, your answer was bush league. 

For most of you out there, the "Grapefruit League" quickly came to your mind and you wished you were there to add the $ to your score. 

Looks like Andrew and I thought of the same 'bush league' joke. 

For Jack's sake, we can only hope there are no more sports questions for the rest of his Jeopardy career. Clearly, it's not what he's best at.