​The Seahawks made waves earlier today by trading star defensive end Michael Bennett to the Eagles for two draft picks and a WR Marcus Johnson. 

The Seahawks' haul for Bennett wasn't expected to be huge but the Eagles' offer was ​relatively weak

The team reportedly had a more attractive offer on the table.

​​A deal with the Patriots essentially would've given Seattle a third rounder instead of a seventh rounder but since it came in after the Seahawks agreed to a deal with the Eagles, Seattle stuck with Philly's package.

Going back on the deal with the Eagles would have been a bad look for Seattle. While New England probably ​would've understood, the rest of the league would likely hesitate to trade with the Seahawks in the future.

Agreeing to the deal with New England would've put Seattle in a much better position short term, but the team understandably couldn't risk its reputation for what amounts to a higher draft pick.