Today's world has been highlighted by the evolution and access to the internet. The internet has opened to door to many things, both good and bad. 

And when it comes to pornography, the latest and even most explicit of videos are literally a click away. This is something the Royals and their front office are surely aware of. 

Therefore, with the season with around the corner, they decided to host an event to educate the entire team on the effects of porn. If you think we're kidding, guess again. 

​​The Royals were led by general manager Dayton Moore in trying to expose the negative effects porn has on players and people as a whole. 

He wants his played focused on swinging their bats on the field, not watching others do the same through their computer screens. 

​​This is a big first step in something that many people probably overlook, that being the bad, negative side effects that pornography has. 

It will be interesting to see where this leads, and if the ​Royals will continue to try and spread the word.