​The last ten seconds of out of reach basketball games are typically pretty boring, but Arizona State and Colorado decided to make the end of their game a little more exciting for fans.

The two teams faced off in the first round of the Pac-12 tournament today and Colorado dominated the Sun Devils on their way to a 97-85 win. 

Leading by nine points with about eight seconds left in the game, the Buffaloes decided to show off with an alley-oop -- much to the dissatisfaction of the Sun Devils.

​​The play was barely even over when Arizona State guard Tra Holder ran in from behind the arc to show the Colorado players what he thought of the play. He was less than thrilled and pushed a CU player to the floor before preparing to face off with another. 

The referees and Holder's teammates quickly intervened, but the scene continued as players yelled at each other and another Sun Devil shoved an opponent away from the scuffle.

​Arizona State was already sitting on the bubble entering Selection Sunday so the loss was sure to frustrate the team. The Buffaloes' alley-oop was just salt in the wound for a team that is now precariously close to missing ​March Madness.

​​Holder shouldn't have gone after and shoved opposing players, but the late game alley-oop was an unsportsmanlike move that understandably got the Sun Devils angry.