​No, this isn't about Keanu Reeves and the movie "The Replacements". This is about how the Washington Redskins will finally be handing out Super Bowl rings to their replacement players from the 1987 NFL Season. 

The​ NFL was at a crossroads and the normal, starting players decided to go on strike. This meant that someone needed to fill the rosters and play, so NFL teams went out and found replacements. 

These replacements weren't anything special and can probably be related to the abysmal replacement referees from a few years back. 

But, the Washington Redskins got the exact opposite in their players, which led them to a 3-0 record with the replacement players. 

​​The play by the replacement players put the team in a great position to win the division and be in the playoffs. Of course, as we know by now the Redskins went on to capture the Super Bowl title that year. 

This is long overdue and a great idea to finally recognize the hand that the replacement players had in helping the ​Redskins win the Super Bowl.