​March Madness is around the corner and CBS and Turner Sports are gearing up for Selection Sunday by making a few changes to the program. 

They're not necessarily bad, but they're definitely weird and non-essential.

​Notably, teams who made the tournament will now be announced in alphabetical order at the beginning of the show. Teams with automatic bids will be announced first followed by teams with at-large bids. 

As fans were sure to make clear, this style of announcement effectively sucks the fun out of Selection Sunday.

As many fans noted, one of the most exciting parts of Selection Sunday is finding out whether or not your team got a bid when it was on the bubble. Now fans will find that out at the beginning of the program and sit through the rest just to see how low their team's seed is and what region they pop up in.

​​To add on to the fan displeasure, the networks have decided to add a four hour long pre-show to a process that was already considered to be long enough. 

​​Selection Sunday is in four days, so fans should be prepared for an underwhelming show. Fans can at least take solace in the fact that it kicks off one of the most exciting sports events of the year and start ​preparing their brackets.