​Matt Leinart may not have been able to cut it in the NFL, but man could he play while he was in college. He and Reggie Bush linked up for one of the most dominant dynamic duos in NCAA history while they attended USC. 

Leinart played under now ​Seattle Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll, and USC quickly became an absolute force within the college football scene. Oh, ya, he also won a Heisman Trophy. 

Nowadays, Leinart does some TV work as an analyst for Fox Sports One. But, he still has his fair share of haters when it comes to social media and he took the opportunity to throw shade at an Oklahoma fan who called him out. 

Well, that's some visceral hate. Leinart handled it well. 

​​The fan used a lot of curse words and called out ​USC and Leinart because he said that Adrian Peterson was cheated out of the Heisman Leinart won because he and USC cheated. 


So, you better do some research and be prepared if you decide to go after Leinart on Twitter.