The NFL is a business, but that doesn't mean that players aren't affected. 

The Rams are one team that has been more than active thus far in this young offseason. They've brought in Marcus Peters, but have traded away Robert Quinn and now linebacker Alec Ogletree.

For Todd Gurley, there's no hiding it. 

The superstar running back took to Twitter and tweeted two emojis to show he isn't happy about the Rams' latest move.

Short and sweet. 

There's no reason to go off on a long tangent about how upset he was about this trade. While these teams move players around like chess pieces, they're moving friends away from the locker room. 

Ogletree is more than just a fellow competitor to Gurley. He's had a friendship with the linebacker for a long time now as the two were both Georgia Bulldogs. 

Just think. One moment, Gurley's friend is ​signing a contract extension.After just a few months and an extremely successful season, he's on his way out. 

Someone's going to have to explain this to Gurley.