In the end, it's Roger Goodell that has the last laugh. 

Jerry Jones clearly has it out for commissioner Goodell. From his outspoken resentment about Ezekiel Elliott's suspension to the attempt to block the commissioner's contract extension, the feud has gotten to the point where the league is seeking retribution against the Cowboys' owner.

After coming to an agreement, Jones will be cutting a check to the NFL for more than $2 million. 

During their meeting in Florida, Jones tried to dispute these fees, but it's clear Goodell was not holding back. Despite the proof he didn't pay for Zeke's legal fees, the Cowboys' owner still has to hand over some money to the league. 

Most of you probably have your mouths wide open thinking about Jones forking over millions of dollars, but let's not forget how much money Jones has. According to Forbes, the man is worth $5.6 billion. That's like someone fining you or me by asking for the coins in our pocket at that exact time. 

No wonder why this was a satisfactory agreement between these two. 

​​Jones will end up being fine, but it's the principle of the fact that Goodell finally took the tyrant owner down a peg.