​It's one thing to ship out a ​disgruntled star player, but it's another to trade them away for absolutely nothing. 

Well, the Seahawks fall into the latter category, as they got robbed by the Philadelphia Eagles in a ​trade for Michael Bennett.

Although the Pro Bowl defensive end wanted out of Seattle, they somehow only acquired a late-round draft pick and a second-year wide receiver. 

​​How in the world does a superstar defensive playmaker get traded for such a terrible return?

Are the Seahawks intent on giving up this season? Considering the multiple suitors for Bennett, Seattle could have started a bidding war for his services. 

​​Trading away one of their best players for a pick that might not have an impact at all is ludicrous, especially considering all the uncertainty surrounding Seattle. 

With the Rams building a Super Bowl contender and the 49ers turning into a competitive unit, perhaps the Seahawks are heading straight toward a rebuild. After all, it's not like Seattle can expect a fifth-round pick to replace Bennett's production. 

Obviously, the Seahawks needed to adjust their roster, but it just feels like they dropped the bomb on this deal.