While people are still dealing with the shell-shocking news of Richard Sherman's departure from Seattle, it's time to focus on new beginnings. 

Even though he's still meeting with the Seahawks about his future, it's apparent that it's no longer in Seattle. Despite the fact that he's coming off of a brutal Achilles injury, whoever ends up landing the former All-Pro has a quality cornerback on their hands. 

​​So the question is, where can the motor-mouthed cornerback end up?

The immediate assumption is New England. With the impending departure of Malcolm Butler and a secondary desperately needing star power, the Patriots were rumored to target a pair of former All-Pros including Sherman. Considering the fact that he's essentially a salary dump now, expect the Patriots to start circling the waters. 

Another possibility is the San Francisco 49ers. The up-and-coming team is looking to add a cornerback and Sherman could possibly look to return to his home state of California where he attended college. 

According to Wikipedia, he could even play for both teams. 

Outside of the nonsense that is Wikipedia, Sherman could end up on a pair of NFC contenders, if the price is right. Both the Cowboys and the Packers are looking for extra help in the secondary, but the Seahawks may not want to trade within their conference if they still fancy themselves as contenders. 

Dallas finished 26th in passing touchdowns allowed and QB rating while Green Bay finished 23rd in yards allowed and 29th in scores through the air. If Sherman is allowed to go to these contenders, he may end up adding another NFC championship to his collection. 

There's clearly a fire burning in Seattle, and it'll be interesting to see what jersey Sherman ends up wearing when the smoke clears.