​Rivalries and sports are just two things that will always be synonymous. Regardless of what level its at (amateur, college, or professional) if teams don't like each other, they never will and that hatred will run deep. 

Even when players have moved on from that level, they'll be disgusted simply by the logos of their past rivals, and ESPN reporter Dave McMenamin got to experience this firsthand with Cleveland Cavaliers forward Jeff Green. 

​​Green played his college years for Georgetown and anyone that knows college basketball is aware that the rivalry between Syracuse and Georgetown isn't going anywhere. 

This must've been initially awkward for ​McMenamin, who normally gets healthy responses from these Cavs players, so he must've felt as if he wronged Green in some sort of way.

Dave we're happy that you and Green aren't actually beefing but c'mon man, how do you forget what you're wearing?! You gotta know being around such competitors that something like that will certainly tick off a player you're trying to interview.

As for Green, it's good to see he's got a good sense of humor, as he'll reportedly be back in the lineup tonight after ​missing two games with a sore back, so this is good news for Cleveland.