Unfortunately for UNC basketball fans and broadcasters everywhere, the great ​Woody Durham passed away at age 76, after the voice of the Tar Heels turned in a legendary career on the mic.​

Due to a series of ailments he was battling, Durham realized his health was quickly deteriorating, which led him to wishing for one specific tribute if he were to pass away suddenly.

With the ACC tournament soon approaching, Woody said that he wanted his son Wes Durham to call the Tar Heels games at the Barclays Center, even if he happened to pass away during tourney action. 

Well, Woody Durham must be looking down at his son with a smile, because the younger Durham will indeed be one of the broadcasters Wednesday night to honor his father, just a few short hours after his passing was announced.

Hearing stories like this truly brings a tear to your eyes, as Wes will continue to keep the Carolina blue blood running in the family.

As for the actual game itself, Wes Durham will call the Tar Heels' highly-anticipated matchup with the Syracuse Orange. 

This has to go down as the coolest promise you can fulfill.

We'll see if the Tar Heels can win this game for Woody, as the legendary broadcaster rests in peace.