​When Alabama fans are making headlines it's usually due to their postgame antics, whether that's​ getting into altercations or ​walking straight into a pole.

Unfortunately, this latest news takes the prize for most bizarre and creepy story yet. 

Brian Ray Ensor, a 40-year-old Crimson Tide fan, was accused of trying to lure children into his car with free candy.  

It seems like this fits perfectly into the motto of "don't take candy from a stranger" that we all heard back in the day. 

Despite everyone being warned about it, who actually thought this would happen in real life?

​​Sheriffs said that Ensor pulled his car over next to children playing in a yard, offered candy, and then fled the scene when the parents of the children came outside. 

As of right now, Brian Ray Ensor has been charged with a felony for enticing a child.

​​Obviously Alabama has some of the greatest fans in the world, but when stories like this end up happening, the world doesn't miss out on their chance to knock down the Tide.