Sometimes, teams keep their intentions close to the chest in free agency. Von Miller did not give his team that option when it comes to Kirk Cousins. 

Ever since the final whistle blew on the Broncos' disappointing 5-11 season, Miller has made it as clear as possible that  he wants Cousins to be Denver's quarterback next year. Time after time he'll sing his praises, and even went to ridiculous lengths on Twitter to try to win him over. 

A rainbow-based strange gesture may make Cousins laugh, but nothing Miller says from here on out will top his latest comments about his potential QB.

Miller says with Cousins at the helm, this team is automatically a Super Bowl contender. 

​​We always assumed where his dreams about Cousins took him, but putting those thoughts into words makes this so much more real. 

Miller has made it clear that adding Cousins will take his team to the next level. To be fair, the next level is currently the playoffs or even third place in their division considering just how bad this team was last year. 

It could be a last-chance effort to reel Cousins in considering the rumor he's already decided to head to Minnesota, or Miller could just be hungry for a real offense.

Since the Vikings are clearly the better team and the Jets are willing to offer the most money, Miller has to say things like this. His team finished third in yards allowed last season, but weren't even close to a solid team thanks to the offense. If he wants an upgrade, he's got to get that thought inside Cousins' head. 

This recruitment war has gone back and forth, and now we know Miller has shown his most powerful weapon yet.