​The Tampa Bay Rays have made some...interesting moves this offseason and throughout the beginning of Spring Training. 

They have traded away the franchise's all-time ​best player in Evan Longoria, dealt ​slugging outfielder Steven Souza Jr., and sent Corey Dickerson, a 2017 All-Star starter, to the scrap heap.

And now manager Kevin Cash is trying a unorthodox method for the pitching rotation. Sounds...sounds like something that won't work.

​​A bold move to say the least, but given the way the Rays fell apart last season, it's bold in a dumb way.

The Rays were a legitimate playoff contender for the first half of the season last year. Then their hitting went a little cold and the bullpen started to get tired, and suddenly, they're solidly third in the AL East. Why would "using the bullpen more" (every fifth day as a starter, it would seem!) be a solution to a tiring bullpen?

Credit should be given to Kevin Cash for trying out a new method, but if the slightly rebuilding Rays are hoping to get into October, this doesn't seem like the smartest way to do it. It could build up Chris Archer's trade value with excess starts and gaudy numbers, or it could crash him to the earth entirely from overuse in the most important season of his career.

If they are simply trying to miss the playoffs and tank for draft picks, then a four-man rotation is simply brilliant...