​Remember Matt Stairs, the guy from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada who played 19 years in Major League Baseball across 13 clubs? 

Yeah, he hit dingers. Important dingers.

You may know him as the ​San Diego Padres' hitting coach, but he is also the player who holds the MLB record for most home runs hit by a pinch hitter with 23. 

The man was never an All-Star or the face of any franchise, but he was CLUTCH. He sports a World Series ring from his time in Philadelphia, when he was most known for his pinch hit in the eighth inning of Game 4 against the Dodgers, one of the most memorable home runs in Phillies history. 

Stairs retired as a player in 2011 after a short stint with the Washington Nationals and is 50 years old now. But in case anyone was wondering, the man can still RAKE. 

​​"I only got one swing, brother...*hits home run*...Hamstring's gone." You gotta love it! 


That swing, kids, is called 'Grip it and Rip it,' and it still has plenty of pop and can definitely hit a horsehide upStairs.