Jim McElwain has taken quite the turn in his coaching career. From being in the big chair at Florida to relegated to coaching wide receivers coach at Michigan, he is taking a step back after a string of notable failures.

It's a fresh start in Ann Arbor, of course. But Florida fans haven't forgotten about the very real struggles of the last three seasons-- McElwain's bio on Michigan's website tries to butter up his resume, and Gator Nation was quick to point out some problems:

​​To say McElwain's offenses at Florida were "explosive" is a just laughably untrue. The Gators ranked 109th in total offense last season. Seriously, the Michigan athletic department needs to fire its copywriter.

The gradual decline of the McElwain Gators wasn't just noticeable on offense, either. The 10-4 season that opened McElwain's tenure gave way to an odious 4-7 campaign and eventual firing in 2017.

Bet you won't see that included in his bio. 

Florida's program was an awful mess last season. And while Coach Mac is right to seek a change of scenery, let's not act like everything was sunshine and rainbows coming to this point. There's a reason why he took a major demotion.

Honestly, Jim Harbaugh may have found an undervalued assistant ready to prove the doubters wrong. Let's be fair here. 

But he also might have hired a box of those snapper things.