We're just one week away from the start of NFL free agency, and the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes are merely getting started. The departing Redskins quarterback is going to be the top target of plenty of hopeful teams, and the Denver Broncos are among the most dogged in their pursuit.

While organizations aren't actually permitted to speak to Cousins or his agent until March, Denver players have been actively recruiting him via social media. 

Von Miller started the trend, and now veteran wide receiver Emmanual Sanders is doing his part.

Sanders sent out this response to a Cousins tweet today:

Broncos fans would heavily agree with Sanders' comments. The team is desperate need of a starting QB that can provide any manner of stability. General manager John Elway is under an immense amount of pressure to turn things about after a disappointing 2018 campaign, and Cousins would figure to provide that in a big way.

Possessing the No. 5 pick gives the Broncos the opportunity to draft a rookie gunslinger, but no college prospect should be expected to post Cousins' Pro Bowl numbers. They've already misfired by drafting Brock Osweiler, Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch, after all.

The Broncos may not have the most cap space on the block, but they can offer the "Peyton Manning experience" with a potential win-now situation. The Vikings and Jets will be major competition, but Sanders and the entire team will push hard for Cousins heading into next week. Don't count them out.