Even four years removed, it's apparent that ​Russell Westbrook is still salty about the Thunder's stunning inability to make the playoffs in the 2014-15 season despite winning 45 games.

When asked about how his experience from that year could help him in this season's hotly-contested race for the postseason, Russ cut no corners in making this reporter look like an absolute fool:

​​It's clear that Russ wants to leave the past exactly where it is, asking the reporter to tell him what year it is now. It wasn't even a rhetorical question, as Russ asked him until he embarrassingly answered "2018."

And ​Westbrook's answer couldn't have been any more savage, saying "perfect" before taking a Tea Lizard-esque sip from his gatorade before walking away into the distance.


Honestly, we don't know how this guy is going to be able to show his face around Westbrook again against this massive own.

At least he probably earned himself a nickname after today: "2018."

​Let's face it, bro. You earned it.