​They're still not believers.

For a school that's come to be known for its football, the Auburn Tigers basketball team has squarely put the college basketball landscape on notice this season.

The Tigers have come to play.

Auburn is paced to eclipse their best winning percentage since before the turn of the century, but even as the Tigers hold a No.1 ranking, their players appear to still be getting slept on.

​​What. A. Slight. The Tigers deserve better than that.

This team, led by sophomore and junior guards Mustapha Heron and Bryce Brown, has been a force this season in the SEC.

En route to their 25-6 record thus far, the Tigers are showing the conference exactly what they're capable of and appear to be peaking at just the right time with the tournament just around the corner.

Since the Tigers couldn't get their fair share accolades at the end of the regular season, they're just going to have to clean house now in the tournament.

​Guaranteed they'll get their love then.