​When most kids get a chance get drafted by a Major League Baseball team, they don't take it for granted and work their tails off to try and make the roster. 

Now, I'm not saying that Washington Nationals lefty pitcher and​ 2017 first round pick Seth Romero took baseball for granted, but staying out past curfew isn't the best of excuses for getting sent home in the middle of Spring Training.

Especially when he comes to the professional ranks with a reputation, having been dismissed from his college team prior to the draft, too, for salacious reasons (like, uh, being photographed in his Houston Cougars uniform holding a bong like that's normal).

Certainly, this doesn't bode well for a guy who has been ​kicked off his college team twice, once for fighting with a teammate and one for a failed drug test, and needed to explode into the professional ranks with vigor instead of with, well, explosions of bad behavior. 

The Nationals have not commented on whether he will return to camp or where he will even start this year. He finished last year in short-season Class-A ball.