​Say what you will about the Ball family; at the end of the day, we always know a couple things to be true-- they're wildly entertaining, and they always deliver the straight goods.

Right on cue, a recent episode of their web series, Ball in the Family, documented the spat between the Ball clan and ESPN reporter Jeff Goodman. And right or wrong, it didn't exactly paint Goodman in the kindest light.

In this scenario, it was clear that the Ball family wasn't happy about Goodman and ESPN publishing particular quotes with attribution:

​​A level of trust between talent and the media has to built and maintained. If you're a reporter seeking any kind of special access or a "private interview" with the big newsmakers, you have to be able to show a little finesse. That, however, is a concept that Goodman ran of patience with in light of the agonizing, ridiculous cult of personality that surrounds LaVar.

The family feels as if Goodman betrayed their trust. True or untrue, he's kaput in Lithuania.