​Ask around. Anyone who knows their football will tell you that finding a star cornerback in this league is certainly no easy ordeal.

The Chicago Bears, however, seem to have struck a bit of gold with their first-round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

With the 14th overall selection, the Bears took cornerback Kyle Fuller out of Virginia Tech, and since then, Fuller has done a lot to validate that selection. Just this past season, Fuller was tied at the top of the Bears defense with 60 solo tackles and his 22 passes defended was good for the second highest mark in the entire NFL.

The Bears have found themselves something good, and appear to be going the route of allowing the young CB to find out exactly what his value is by placing the transition tag on him.

​​Placing the transition tag on Fuller allows other teams to make Fuller offers which the Bears can then match.

It seems Chicago will be indirectly eliciting the aid of the other teams in the league to help determine ​how much cash they should throw at their up-and-coming star defender.