​It's hard to find silver linings whenever you lose anything competitive even outside of sports.

It's nearly impossible to find the upside when you are a ​high school teen that just lost a state championship.

Yet, that's just what this ​inspirational high schooler did after his team's heartbreaking loss in the state finals. 

Here's your motivation for the day.

High school sports are some of the best times of many kids lives. Not everyone loved their coach, but if you ever had one that you did connect with, then this video pulls at the heart strings.

You do so much growing up in high school and you learn so many lessons through sports in that time. It's hard to imagine that at this kid's age, anyone would have the perspective to understand the impact his coach had on him.

Everyone, but especially the coach, is glad he did, so we could all enjoy high school again through his perspective. This is how you handle a loss with class, and grace.