​With the ​FBI's ongoing investigation involving bribery in college basketball, coaches and players are coming out and defending themselves from any wrongdoings. 

Former Kentucky star and current Miami Heat center Bam Adebayo recently came out and denied a report stating that he had a meeting with former ASM agent Stephen Pina at a restaurant in Charlottesville, Virginia when he was 17 years old.

However, details have since come out that confirmed that Adebayo had the meeting with Pina at the time.

The evidence of the meeting comes from expense reports and receipts, but there's no evidence that Adebayo didn't pay for his own meal, and there's no reason to believe Pina was steering Adebayo toward a specific school.

It was just two weeks ago that Adebayo's former high school coach, Brandon Clifford, said he "never knew Bam to take a dime from anybody" and said Kentucky head coach John Calipari was "always on the up and up."

We'll see if any wrongdoings are found involving Adebayo and Kentucky, as the investigation will continue to update its findings.