It sounds insane, but the Browns are going to be a big-time threat on the upcoming free agent market.

It's strange to process considering the fact that this team has won just one game in two seasons which doesn't exactly make them a desirable landing spot. What does make them intriguing to many, however, is the money. Cleveland has the most salary cap space around by a large margin. 

And to begin their free agent rampage up and down the league, the Browns have their eyes set on Washington-- specifically cornerback Bashaud Breeland.

​​He's just one of many quality starters this team is going to attempt to recruit this offseason, but Breeland would clearly be an improvement considering just how poor this team was at defending against the pass last season. After losing Pro Bowl CB Joe Haden to the Steelers, the Browns finished 19th in passing yards allowed and 26th in passing touchdowns allowed. Bringing in someone who has yet to hit the top of his prime is the right move for this rebuilding team.

​​As for the Redskins, they find themselves in a tough situation. They already have Josh Norman and a Breeland replacement in Quinton Dunbar, who signed an extension. That would've made the decision to move on from Breeland easy, but Washington has already parted ways with standout cornerback Kendall Fuller, who was included in the Alex Smith trade with Kansas City.

They'd love to keep Breeland, but the price may be too high. They already have to work on a deal with linebacker Zack Brown, and may not be able to convince their cornerback to stay if the Browns place a large enough bid.

It's not the regular season, but any win for this Browns team has to be welcomed with open arms at this point.