​As if we needed more reasons to like Matt Forte, we were just gifted with another one that fans across the NFL (except New England) will appreciate.

Forte ​announced his retirement from the NFL not long ago, and that let's us take a deep dive into his career. A story came out that will assuredly warm the hearts of Chicago Bears and New York Jets fans alike. 

When Forte verbally committed to the Jets before the 2016 season, the New England Patriots caught wind of it and tried to set up a meeting with the running back. He kept his word to the Jets and didn't even take the meeting with the Pats.

​​You have to respect the loyalty Forte shows here. 

He knew if he took his talents to New England, they would have had an even better shot at the Super Bowl (they still won it anyway), but didn't want to go back on his word.

One of the ​best running backs of the last decade proved to be a stand up guy. Anyone who sticks it to the Pats has a fan in me. Best of luck in retirement, Matt!