DeMarcus Lawrence has done an incredible job turning his career around. 

There was never a doubt about his talent on the field, just his ability to stay on it. After missing seven games due to injuries and suspension back in 2016, the star defender followed it up by putting on a show that  earned him the Cowboys' franchise tag.

If you thought that was impressive, just wait till you see his encore performance. 

Lawrence is already looking towards having another huge season and earning a gigantic contract in the process. 

​​It's easy to keep looking forward when you have a huge long-term deal dancing far off in the distance. 

Lawrence has no problem with signing the franchise tag with Dallas. After his most successful season yet with 14.5 sacks, he not only gets to rake in a huge amount of money this year, but can set himself up for an even bigger contract by proving he can do it consistently. 

If he keeps making plays like this, the Cowboys are going to have no choice but to fork over a huge sum of money.

Many stars hate the idea of a franchise tag because it doesn't offer stability, but Lawrence truly has the upper hand here. 

He is just 25 years old and still has the chance to break the bank if he has another Pro Bowl caliber season. Lawrence is currently making $17.1 million this year,  a number he'd like to make annually. 

There was no way the Cowboys were reaching that number this season, but could feel inclined to make the defensive end's wishes come true after another double-digit sack season. 

All he has to do is put up similar numbers and watch the Brinks truck roll in.