​Kevin Hart is one of the goofiest dudes in America. 

After a very questionable performance at the NBA All-Star game and an interesting journey in the Super Bowl postgame, Kevin Hart decided to go on Conan and clear the air.

His explanation for his actions at the Super Bowl are downright hilarious.

Yes, Hart, I think the entire country knows you were a little thing called "intoxicated."

​​So Hart apparently found his way to the field by just yelling "I'm Kevin Hart!" at anyone who tried to get in his way. Don't you wish you had that type of clout?

Despite that, when he finally got to the stairs to the podium, the security guards wouldn't let him on stage. Personally, I would've wanted nothing more than a bunch of pictures of Kevin Hart cheesin' next to Roger Goodell and all of the Philadelphia Eagles. The meme potential there? Unreal.

You gotta love that Hart was such a good sport about the situation. Maybe he should just get drunk and let it roll more often.