​The New York Giants are (FINALLY) led by new management after the firing of Jerry Reese and subsequent hiring of Dave Gettleman.

One of Gettleman's big selling points is his focus on the the trenches on both sides of the ball. Since the Giants had one of the worst offensive lines in football, the hire made sense. 

Now, it seems that Gettleman may be poaching off his old stomping grounds in Carolina in order to acquire some top-end talent.

​​Another report linking the Giants and Norwell says that it's as good as a  "done deal."

The Giants are in an interesting situation if they sign Norwell, as he will likely put them out of the running to re-sign Justin Pugh. With Norwell and Pugh widely considered to be the top two guards on the free agent market, it will be nearly impossible for the Giants to both sign Norwell and retain Pugh.

​​Knowing Gettleman's history with Norwell (he signed Norwell as a UDFA in 2014), it's easy to see them linking up again.