​If there's one thing that ​Jerry Jones will never do, it's back down to anyone.

Jones is the head honcho in Dallas and his power extends across the NFL. That doesn't mean he has immunity over the rules.

The league has punished the Cowboys owner with reimbursement of ​legal fees. It sounds like Jerry Jones is yet again looking to avoid the fees and clear his name. But, will Roger Goodell listen?

Per a report, he did for over an hour on Monday. 

Goodell is no man to be crossed either considering his power and he proved that with the reimbursement he is asking for from Jones.

​​​​It's hard to imagine that this hasn't become personal between Jerry Jones and Goodell. The fine is over the legal fees from the Ezekiel Elliott case.

And considering Roger Goodell's history of ​punishments becoming personal in matters unrelated to his job, you have to think this would make him even less sympathetic to the billionaire.

But nonetheless, it sounds like Goodell at least heard Jones out in a one hour meeting. It's impossible to say whether or not this will help Jones in the long run.

All we know for sure is that Goodell is one to stick to his guns in personal matters. That does not bode well for the Cowboys owner.