​The Indiana Pacers are in the midst of a tight playoff race, as they entered Monday night in fourth place. So it's only fitting that they face off against the seventh place Milwaukee Bucks.

However, despite the close, competitive game, there was a bit of controversy.

During the game, Bucks center John Henson fell to the hardwood. Cameras caught where it happened, and it came at the hands (more like the left foot) of Pacers guard Lance Stephenson, as he appeared to stretch out his leg, causing Henson to trip.

​​The move is reminiscent of what polarizing Duke basketball player Grayson Allen is known for. Stephenson is known to get in his opponents heads. However, this appeared to be a trip with intent.

The tripping incident came after Stephenson and Bucks guard Jason Terry went at it throughout the game. Perhaps no play exemplified that more than ​Terry blowing in Stephenson's ear after making a three pointer, just like what the Pacers guard did to LeBron James in the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals.

Despite Stephenson getting the last laugh in Indiana's victory, he may be getting a call from the league offices in the coming days.