5 Stud NFL Prospects Who Will Be Total Busts

The NFL Draft is coming up, and football fans everywhere are excited to see how their teams address needs going into the 2018 season. The draft can make or break a franchise depending on where your team is picking. Will your team find a sixth-round gem like Tom Brady? Or will they take a chance on a guy who might be a bust in the first round? Here are five guys in this years draft that I think won't reach expectations in the NFL.

5. Marcus Davenport

You probably don't know much about Marcus Davenport, who is defensive end from Texas-San Antonio. CBS Sports projects Davenport to go seventh overall to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He struggles with shedding blocks and plays at an elevated pad level, putting him at risk to be dominated by NFL offensive linemen. Draft scouts do see potential in Davenport, but don't expect him to come in and be a star in this league.

4. Baker Mayfield

As much as I want to say Baker Mayfield will be a great NFL player, he won't. If history repeats itself, the undersized quarterback does not typically succeed at the next level. Mayfield stands at only about 6-1 and is incredibly susceptible to batted-down passes due to his smaller size. Mayfield also benefited from larger passing windows of a spread offense in college. In a pro offense, Mayfield may struggle just getting the ball to his receivers.

3. Tremaine Edmunds

Tremaine Edmunds is young, like really young. A 19-year-old linebacker won't succeed in the NFL, no matter how talented he is. Mel Kiper has Edmunds projected to go eighth overall to the Chicago Bears. Edmunds may take years to develop, making him a risky pick that early in the draft. He has to improve his overall strength and football knowledge to make it amongst the world's best.

2. Josh Allen

For a guy that almost no one saw play in college, he sure does have a lot of people thinking he's deserving of the Browns No. 1 overall pick. Allen has shown some good, but more ugly play in the small sample size we've seen from him. He may only be getting this love for being a tall, small school quarterback who had the same head coach as Carson Wentz did in college. Sorry to break your hearts Browns fans, but Josh Allen isn't the next Carson Wentz. He'll just be a name added to the long list of Browns quarterbacks that didn't make it if Cleveland drafts him.

1. Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold had Heisman hopes heading into the 2017 season, and he sure did disappoint. Despite having a not-so-great season, many scouts are still high on this guy and think he's worthy of a top-five first-round pick. Ultimately, it would make no sense to take Darnold is this year's draft when there are a number of other quarterbacks expected to go in the first round, especially those who are slated to be selected later on, like Mason Rudolph, Lamar Jackson and Quinton Flowers.