​Jemele Hill is often in the news for her ​outspoken takes and opinions with ESPN.

She has also had conflicts with co-workers at ESPN and isn't afraid to take to twitter to defend herself and speak her mind.

Now, she is using Twitter to clear the name of former co-worker ​Chris Berman whom she has had issues with in the past. According to her, those issues took place in a professional manner, unlike what has been reported.

This response was prompted by a report regarding an alleged voicemail Berman left for Jemele Hill.

Hill wasted no time clearing things up. 

Now, the story gets a little hairy when you realize that the lawsuit that cites the alleged voicemail was brought on ESPN by Adrienne Lawrence not Hill.

Lawrence is a former legal analyst for ESPN and worked on Hill's show "His and Hers". Berman is known for his iconic voice and original calls for both the NFL an MLB. 

It's hard to say that Hill is lying about such a personal conflict. In the past she's been pretty transparent to her followers regarding any conflict at ESPN. Lawrence says she told ESPN about the voicemail when it allegedly occurred and nothing was done. 

Lawrence may be a legal expert, but it seems like if the victim says the crime never happened, it doesn't seem like she has much of a case. Hopefully this issue can be put to rest soon.