This deal could send a SHOCK wave throughout the entire NFL. 

Teams aren't even legally allowed to tamper with free agents for another week, but apparently, Kirk Cousins has already made up his mind to ​sign with the Vikings. Other teams still think ​they're in it, though. 

However, former Redskins TE Chris Cooley says the Vikings have already made a three-year, $91 million offer with all of it guaranteed. 

Cooley heard from an agent that Cousins is being offered $91 million fully guaranteed over three seasons by the Vikings, but that has to be leaked information. 

If the NFL caught wind of this, they'd have to step in and do something. 

I'm inclined to believe this is Kirk's agent leveraging the Jets for everything they're worth. New York is quarterback desperate, and Cousins would love to take advantage of that if it meant a big pay day. 

Don't believe everything you read, people. However, being a former NFL player, you've got to figure Cooley's sources are reliable. We'll see what ends up happening here with Kirk.