​How great was Saquon Barkley at that Combine?!

​So, so great, right?

Man, he really did a great job evading immobile cones and showing off the burst we already knew he had after several seasons of game tape. Most of us learned nothing this past week, but it didn't stop everyone across the league from going gaga and ​punching themselves in the nuts over Barkley's public show-off session.

Even the league went out of their way to show off exactly how skilled the back was by dropping plenty of lofty comparisons after his workouts had wrapped.

​​Pretty cool!

​Except ​Devin Hester and Julio Jones, two absolute legends who've done it in the league for real...didn't exactly love having their measurables being tossed around in tandem with the kid.

Hester went first, putting some inflammatory stuff on Instagram.

​​The caption reads: "No disrespect to S Barkley But I ran in the combine with a pulled hamstring with sneakers on, just so I wouldn’t make it any worse. Was told by all the scouts that if I did bad that I could make it up at pro day. @nfl @nflnetwork@NFLResearch do you really think he was faster then me!!!!😂😂😂😂"

No disrespect, but here's a ton of disrespect. My favorite.

Julio Jones didn't wait long to chime in either, justifying his position ahead of Saquon, speed-wise.

​​Good on Julio, not even pretending to not be disrespectful.

Yes, Barkley had an optically incredible Combine. But plenty of factors go into Combine conditioning and preparation, and there's a good chance that, in game action, Julio Jones and Devin Hester's burners make Saquon's look pedestrian.

Or maybe they're all just really good? Either way, NFL, don't call out your stars and favor a kid if you don't expect a response.