​Adrienne Lawrence, a former ESPN legal analyst, made headlines a couple months ago for her lawsuit against ​coworker John Buccigross for sexual harassment

Now new details of the lawsuit have emerged, and they do not involve Buccigross or Adrienne Lawrence. 

They involve Chris Berman leaving a "racially disparaging" voicemail for former ESPN anchor Jemele Hill. 

​​According to the lawsuit, beloved ESPN personality and former ​face of NFL coverage for the network once left Hill a racially-charged voicemail back in 2016.

Hill allegedly brought the threatening voicemail to the attention of her superior at the time, executive Marcia Keegan. The lawsuit claims no action was taken by ESPN and nothing was done to resolve the issue.

This continues the narrative of ESPN doing nothing to protect its female employees, as Lawrence claims the station did nothing regarding her harassment issue with Buccigross as well.

News of this comes just a day after the San Francisco Giants honored Berman by allowing him into their dugout as a guest manager.

Lawrence also claims this was not the only time Berman acted inappropriately. The lawsuit reportedly details how Berman was the subject of several incidents regarding the mistreatment of female coworkers. Still, nothing was done and he remained a cherished member of the ESPN community.

While we hope the allegations are not true, if they are, it makes ESPN look even worse in its treatment of female employees during a time when the sensitivity toward that issue across the country is at an all-time high.