Who says you can't trust a baseball player's production in Spring Training and during late-season call-ups?


Phillies outfielder Rhys Hoskins made headlines across the country last season and gave Philly fans something to look forward to. Now in the first spring after he burst onto the scene, Hoskins is not disappointing anyone with his power. ​

Check out this latest jack.

Hoskins socked 18 home runs in 50 games last season with a .396 on-base percentage. He set ​records with some ridiculous production in such a short period of time last year.


Hoskins is a strong member of a team that had a poor record last year, but is one of the many top 100 prospects in their current pipeline. You know new manager Gabe Kapler is ready to energize this young bunch; they could be special soon.


Ever since Hoskins had​ this viral reaction to the silent treatment, we knew he was poised to continue that success. If this spring's any indication, he's not taking a step back.