​This shouldn't have to be said out loud. 

Kirk Cousins will reach free agency in a matter of days, and he'll likely become the highest paid NFL player ever. Cousins may have a few potential suitors lined up, but ​all signs point to him joining ​the Vikings.

Jason La Canfora says it'll come down to the Vikings and Jets, but Cousins would be a lunatic to pick New York over Minnesota. 

Denver and Arizona are also in the mix, but they clearly don't have the cap space to hang with New York and Minnesota in that race. The Jets can offer Cousins the most money without compromising their future, but they don't have the same future prospects as the Vikings. 

The fact that it's between the Jets and Vikings tells me that Cousins is deciding between winning and money. That could mean that Minnesota is trying to low ball him into a better offer, or that the Jets have really exceeded financial reason with their offer.

Either way, Cousins should pick Minnesota. If their offer is anywhere in the range of $25 million a year, that should be plenty. The Vikings would be instant favorites to win the Super Bowl with Cousins under center, as they have a much better core of talent. 

The Jets don't have the same caliber of defense as Minnesota, and their slight offensive success last season can be attributed to John Morton, who was idiotically fired after the season. If Cousins joins them, they'll probably just be mediocre.  

Minnesota is the only choice here.